Marketsnapp is a dedicated online retail platform for market traders and independent businesses. It aims to promote and raise awareness for market traders, markets and local businesses by collectively displaying unique sellers and exhibiting the wonderful things they have to sell under one online roof. Also, by providing an easy-to-use platform, shoppers can rummage through the rails of their local markets from the comfort of their own home at anytime. Start Exploring Now!

Our Mission Is Simple: Help local markets get discovered.

Shop unique and help local businesses flourish. Marketsnapp will transform the way you shop by seamlessly connecting you to great local markets and their traders in real-time at the convenience of a button. People from all over the world will be able to rummage through the rails of local markets in a single sitting and in the comfort of their own homes. Sign up today and become an integral part of these vibrant communities who enjoy the immediacy of market life and spontaneous shopping options.

Serving The Community

Markets play an integral part in the sustainability of Town Centres, cultural diversity of tenant mixes and the growth of small businesses within communities. As high rents and the monopolisation of high street & online retailers push small businesses out of Town Centre’s, markets have always been there to ensure that there is a place for small businesses to thrive.

It was for that reason that Marketsnapp was developed. Marketsnapp provides market traders and independent businesses an online platform where all types of trade can come together to exhibit their hidden gems. By providing the Marketsnapp platform, we will also raise awareness of local markets and the important role they play within their communities.

Whether you are from one of London’s larger markets or from a small street market, Marketsnapp welcomes and encourages all traders to set up and trade with no overhead costs. Also, by offering a click & collect checkout option, traders can encourage their customers to pick up their items for their shops which in turn increases footfall for the market and other businesses in the vicinity.

Also, with Markstsnapps simple uploading solution, traders can upload items within minutes while at their shops, by using their smart phones, laptops, PC or tablets.


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