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‘Your Local Market’

Why Marketsnapp?

Markets play an integral part in the sustainability of Town Centres, cultural diversity of tenant mixes and the growth of small businesses within communities. As high rents and the monopolisation of high street & online retailers push small businesses out of Town Centre’s; markets remain key areas that provide small businesses with a platform to setup, grow and become Britain’s future high street retailers without the need for long leases and complicated contracts.

It was for that reason Marketsnapp was envisaged and developed. Marketsnapp provides its users a platform where all types of trades can come together to exhibit their goods collectively, thus creating a unique selling environment which supports small businesses and helps raise national awareness of the important role which markets play within society.

With the launch date expected in early 2016, Marketsnapp gives shoppers the convenience of browsing what’s on the shelves of hundreds of local shops & markets from the comfort of their own homes thus allowing safe and secure purchases with delivery or the popular option of ‘Click & Collect’.

Marketsnapp gives people an honest opportunity to start or try a new business responsibly, which in the high street for the majority, remains unattainable due to high rents and ambiguous leasing terms.

Whether you are from a large London market, you trade from home, an independent retailer or are thinking about setting up a new business; Marketsnapp is the no. 1 choice to help get your business off the ground with exposure to the public in an affordable and responsible fashion.

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How It Works

1. Registration

Every user who wishes to promote their business and sell on Marketsnapp needs to register first. It's quick and easy to do. Simply follow the online registration process and you’ll be up and running in no time.

2. Verification

We do our outmost to ensure that every registration is checked and verified before they go live and in some cases, where discrepancies are found, this may take up to 24 hours. In the event we are missing or require further information, you will be contacted by our admin team at the earliest convenience. Once your account has been approved, you will be issued with an authorisation email to access your new account, and once clicked your account will be activated.

3. Account Access

Subject to your registration being approved, you will be able to login to your account. Go to your ‘My Account’ dashboard area to start creating your profile and benefitting from Marketsnapp’s accounting and management features. Once you provide the required information, you can start uploading items for sale immediately. You can also log into your dashboard at any time to change, update or manage your Marketsnapp profile, images and listings.

4. Get Started

You are all set to go! You can now sell, shop and explore your local markets & shops at the ease of a button. Start Exploring!

Our Mission

Our Mission: To promote and support local markets, small & independent businesses by helping them get discovered and succeed!

Marketsnapp will transform the way you shop by seamlessly connecting you to great local businesses 24 hours a day 7 days a week all at the click of a button. People across the country will be able to discover what’s on the rails and shelves of local markets & shops at the ease of a button. Whether you are on your PC at home or on a smartphone, you can become a part of these exciting communities who enjoy the immediacy of market life and spontaneous shopping experiences.

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Founders Bio

Roi Mengelgrein founder of Marketsnapp, has been serving as a specialist market retail consultant and operator for 17 years. After completing his Bachelors of Law degree and Masters in Marketing Management, he set forth into the market industry where he continues to apply creative solutions, inspirational management and vision to market operators, market traders, local authorities, property owners and other high profile individuals who have vested interests in commercial market businesses and rely on his true professionalism to look after their investments.

Roi’s background stems from working at the ‘Stables’ Camden as market manager between 1999-2010 where over a span of 11 years he helped turnaround a rundown area into the world’s most popular and visited market. As well as improving the market, which boasts bars, clubs, restaurants and over 1000 retailing units, he also managed to raise the property portfolio for the owners which recently sold for over £400 million.

His established track record in all aspects of the development, administration & management of markets is backed by a wealth of individual knowledge and experience. In 2004, he founded his market consultancy (Market Trading Consultants Limited) when he noticed a gap in the market sector for underdeveloped urban areas and regeneration projects. Since then, Roi has helped re-imagine, rejuvenate and re-think spaces across the country.

Roi currently sits on the Tooting Town Centre Partnership Board where he regularly meets with local authorities, business establishments and government officials to liaise and discuss current and future matters which impact the area. He is also contracted as the Tooting Market consultant and operator, where he has once more helped raise the profile of the market, which is now recognised as the most up & coming market in South London.

Moving forward, Roi is taking his very extensive experience a step further by developing the UK’s first online retail platform dedicated to markets – small & independent businesses. He aims on revolutionising how people shop in their local markets and eventually securing further advancements of the platform in other countries.

Benefits of Using Marketsnapp

  • Easy set up
  • Free unlimited uploads
  • Quick payment on sales
  • A user friendly platform
  • Advanced security and safety encrypted features
  • Online support from real market people
  • ‘Click & Collect’ checkout option
  • Works across the electronic spectrum - smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, Mac or smart TV’s.
  • Supporting local business
  • Raises awareness for markets
  • And lots more…

‘Roi Mengelgrein fights to save the iconic Camden Lock Bridge’

Tooting Market’s new Management, under the supervision of Roi Mengelgrein, is giving the market a “Camden” - style makeover.

Mr Mengelgrein was an integral part of this companies operation for over 10 years. His experience in markets is tremendous!

Shaka Zulu / Cuban Bar – Roger Payne – Owner

Mr. Mengelgrein played a key role in obtaining and creating this venture for us. Great all around and highly experienced.

Gilgamesh Restaurant & Bar – Jeff Lim

I am delighted to have worked with Mr. Mengelgrein on many occasions. Mr. Mengelgrein has always been prompt, trustworthy and respectful in his dealings. He assisted us on various aspects in our success of launching the Gilgamesh brand in Camden.

Brickwood – Jayke Mangion – Owner

Roi’s persistence and great efforts helped us establish ourselves firmly in South London’s most up and coming area - Tooting.


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